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Cyber Security Networks

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Cyber Security

Network and data breaches are among the most common — and costly — security failures in corporate, government and private organizations. Increasingly numerous cyber-attacks disrupt everything from production to payments, network security to national security. Insufficiently protected corporate networks not only face a loss of data but also a serious loss of revenue – now accounting for billions of dollars each year.

In a world where protecting your network has become an essential task, STS Global is ready to act.  When you require smarter protection plans, complete attack recovery and network restoration, STS Global Network Security Engineering offers a reassuring suite of solutions.

As part of the initial assessment process, our expert team will simulate an cyber attack to determine the weaknesses in your network and potential entry points.  After completing this critical assessment, our team goes into action — implementing a detailed plan to protect your organization from a series of devious hacks or a more serious full-frontal cyber-attack.

  • Network Assessment
  • Network Security Consulting
  • Recovery Plans & Restoration
  • Network Security Management

Our Markets

  • Telecommunication Providers
  • Broadcasters
  • Business Enterprises
  • Earth Station Operators
  • U.S. & Foreign Governments
  • Media & Content Providers
  • International organizations
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Oil & Gas