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Fixed Earth Stations

Custom Designed Fixed Earth Stations. With Best of Breed Technology

Earth Stations
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Fixed Earth Stations
Fixed Earth Stations

Growing capacity is crucial. So STS Global’s meticulous, fixed earth station custom designed approach will allow you to cost-effectively distribute ever more data, video or voice across your network. And all our fixed satellite terminals are delivered turnkey, with Design, Integration and Life Cycle Support included. From earth stations to broadcast uplinks or VSAT Networks, our expert team always design-engineers with solutions in mind.

  • HUB/VSAT Networks
  • Private Networks
  • Broadcast Uplinks
  • Teleport Networks
  • Radome
  • HTS Networks





When designing fixed satellite earth stations, the STS engineering group review carefully the requirement and go through a meticulous process to size probably the satellite antenna as well as all the transmission / reception equipment.  This careful approach will allow us to deliver an optimized and reliable solution for the end users. We pride ourselves to always think out of the box and use the latest technology available on the market.


Over the years, our team has designed hundreds of satellite earth stations. From C-Band, Ku-Band to Ka-Band, we understand that today’s gateways require to be reliable, to have a high throughput capability but also be optimized to keep the bandwidth consumption as minimal as possible.   With this in mind our engineering team will assess the requirement and  select the various components of the satellite network to deliver the best performance at the lowest cost.


During the design and integration of the earth stations, our program management team will make sure that the project stays on schedule and will stay in constant contact with customer until the network is fully deployed and commissioned.  Earth Stations design made easy… 


Our Markets

  • Telecommunication Providers
  • Broadcasters
  • Business Enterprises
  • Earth Station Operators
  • U.S. & Foreign Governments
  • Media & Content Providers
  • International organizations
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Oil & Gas